David C. Traub


David has enjoyed 35 years of international experience as an international business development executive, angel investor, philanthropist, economic development educator,  board member, advisor, client and/or collaborator to more than 50 global ventures; numerous  Fortune 500 multi-nationals, international institutions and NGOs; nearly 20 governments; and the United Nations during the last three General Assemblies.  As a mental health educator, David has also enjoyed a parallel career as a social impact award-winning executive producer, foundation co-founder, digital auteur, storyteller, writer and international keynote speaker. His social impact media projects have included Steve Jobs (Ashton Kutcher), The Lawnmower Man and many others. David’s expertise is building interoperating global eco-systems across values-aligned companies and entrepreneurs that deliver pro social value.  David earned his Graduate Degree in Education in 1990 from Harvard University, while conducting simultaneous class-work at the MIT Media Lab and Harvard’s Business School. In 1984 he earned his undergraduate degrees in rhetoric and film with honors from the University of California at Berkeley.