Norman Docteroff


Norman Docteroff.  has over 50 years’ experience as a leader in sales and marketing of consumer and Industrial products. He co-founded Gemini Industries Inc. in 1967. Gemini was originally founded as a television antenna manufacturer. The company was funded with $1,100. The original product lines were both roof top television antennas and television top (rabbit ears) antennas.

The Gemini business model was to take a product that was usually installed for the consumer by professionals and make it a do-it-yourself product. The Gemini do-it-yourself rooftop television antenna program included all the necessary installation accessories and was an instant success and was sold by every major retailer in the country.  With the customer base established, Norman expanded the product line to include audio, video, telephone and Mobile Phone do-it-yourself accessories. Norman purchased a division of CompUSA called Computer Accessories and grew that product line in all of the major retail accounts in America   Within five years Gemini was one of the largest suppliers of consumer electronic and computer accessories in the United States with a workforce of over 1000 people.In the late 1960’s Gemini Industries helped developed the universal remote control that is today in virtually every household in the world. Norman developed a worldwide sales team of senior agents in virtually every industrialized  nation to market products to their respective territories. The sales team grew to over 100 Sales Agents. Norman had also set up many manufacturing facilities in the Orient and South America.

Norman has been honored at industry functions many times as a leader in the consumer and industrial electronics industry.  Norman has spoken at industry shows (CES and Comdex) and has been on many industries discussion and advisory boards.  Over the years Norman and Gemini won numerous industry awards including Number 1 accessory supplier in the United States. This award was given by the leaders in the EIA (Electronic Industries Association).   Norman’s relationships with the major retailers and industrial leaders worldwide are based on many years of excellent products, delivery and service.In 1986 Norman sold 60% of Gemini to Wesray Capital Corp. whose senior management was William Simon, the former Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, and Raymond Chambers.  At that time Gemini’s revenue was $72,000,000 a year.  Norman ran Gemini until 1989 when Wesray and Gemini management sold the company to Merrill Lynch Capital Partners.  By that time Gemini’s revenue was $265,000,000 a year created with new product development and acquisitions. Today Gemini Industries is a Phillips Electronics company with revenues exceeding $1,000,000,000.Post retiring from Gemini Industries Norman had contracted with Sony Electronics and Panasonic (Matsushita Group) to help rebuild their Consumer Electronic Accessory business which was lacking in sales and marketing expertise outside of Japan. Norman reset their sales force and introduced the category to electronic retailers and distributors around the World.

Norman is a Sports fishing enthusiast and has fished some of the best sports fishing spots in the World and at one time had six world fishing records. In 1990 Norman had setup the JGFA (Japanese Game Fishing Association) and for years was the head of the JGFA with yearly visits to Japan to help run their yearly tournament. Today there is over 100,000 members in the JGFA.

Norman Purchased the Striker Yacht Company “The only aluminum sports fishing boats at that time” and set up manufacturing facilities in Holland and Valdivia Chile to design and build aluminum sports fishing boats in sizes from 45′ to 72′. Norman Also bought The Burger Yacht Company from Manitowoc Wisconsin. He sold both boat companies to Tacoma Boat company Tacoma Washington.In the following years Norman started to invest in many new technology startups. and help grow most of them with his industry expertise. One in particular the “Turbo Charge Company) a new technology which a lipstick size tube with two batteries temporarily charged dead cell phones. Turbo Charge did 12 million dollars in its first year in business.

Norman Then changed his focus on new technologies. Norman is also involved in many other areas of business using his vast resources of worldwide relationships in both financial and executive quarters. In 2006 Norman went to the Republic Of Georgia in Eastern Europe to help the Country by bringing American companies into Georgia such as factories, warehouses etc. While in Eastern Europe Norman bought a new disruptive wind turbine technology and called it “Earthwind Technologies”. After 5 more years of intensive engineering Earthwind has created a renewable energy that doubles the energy output of solar and 3 bladed wind turbines. This technology in 2019 is now patented in the USA and global.Earthwind Technologies is currently working on project agreements for over 1,000 mega-watts. Also building a 50-kw windfarm in Georgia for a power purchase agreement. This project and all other projects where Earthwind Turbines are being installed is using in Country labor.