The USA & Bangladesh Partnership
Increasing collaboration in support of mutually-beneficial trade and investment opportunities, while advancing and advocating for the economic and cultural interests, between the US and Bangladesh, and globally for all humans.
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US Bangladesh Global Chamber of Commerce’s ( USBDGCC) diverse global membership includes representatives from global business communities, individual corporations and entrepreneurs, and government policy makers, all working together to further each other’s success as both businessmen – and individuals.
Our platform promotes business mutually beneficial business development and investment, commerce efficiencies, ecosystem sustainability and policy-making at a global level. We provide avenues to network and expand relationship constellations, evolve one’s knowledgebase, share ideas and resources, promote events, and create novel business opportunities that generate win-win-win outcomes.

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Our Pursuit To Empower

US Bangladesh Global Chamber of Commerce was commenced to support and empower the businesses across the United States of America and Bangladesh to expand and grow globally. With the mission to increase trade, facilitate technological development, provide investment opportunities and advance the economic and cultural interests between US and Bangladesh globally, USBDGCC Thrives to empower their members across the globe.

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