Hindi Words for Agreement

As the language with the fourth-highest number of native speakers in the world, Hindi is an important language for communication in India and beyond. Knowing the appropriate Hindi words for agreement is a crucial skill for anyone looking to communicate effectively in the language.

Below are some of the most common Hindi words and phrases for agreement:

1. हां (hāṃ) – Yes

This is the most basic word for agreement in Hindi. It is used to confirm an affirmative answer to a question or statement.

Example: क्या आपने खाना खाया है? (kya āpne khānā khāyā hai?) – Have you eaten food?

हां, मैंने खाना खाया है। (hāṃ, mainne khānā khāyā hai.) – Yes, I have eaten food.

2. ठीक है (ṭhīk hai) – Alright

This phrase is used to convey agreement in a more casual tone. It can be used to confirm that something is okay, or that you understand and agree with what someone is saying.

Example: क्या तुम समझ गए? (kya tum samajh gaye?) – Did you understand?

ठीक है, मैं समझ गया हूँ। (ṭhīk hai, main samajh gaya hoon.) – Alright, I understand.

3. बिल्कुल (bilkul) – Absolutely

This word is used to convey a more emphatic agreement. It can be used to express complete agreement or to emphasize that you strongly agree with something.

Example: क्या तुम इस परिस्थिति से बिल्कुल सहमत हो? (kya tum is paristhiti se bilkul sahamat ho?) – Do you completely agree with this situation?

हां, मैं बिल्कुल सहमत हूँ। (hāṃ, main bilkul sahamat hoon.) – Yes, I absolutely agree.

4. हां जी (hāṃ jī) – Yes sir/madam

This phrase is a polite way to confirm agreement in formal situations. It is used to show respect to the person you are speaking to and acknowledge their authority.

Example: क्या आपके पास सही सूचना है? (kya āpke pās sāhī sūchana hai?) – Do you have the correct information?

हां जी, मेरे पास सही सूचना है। (hāṃ jī, mere pās sāhī sūchana hai.) – Yes sir/madam, I have the correct information.

5. सहमत (sahmat) – Agreement

This word is used to express agreement in a more formal context. It can be used to indicate that you agree with a statement or decision.

Example: आज के मीटिंग में सभी सहमत हुए। (āj ke mīṭing meṃ sabhī sahmat hue.) – Everyone agreed in today`s meeting.

Knowing these key Hindi words and phrases for agreement can help improve your communication skills and make you a more effective communicator in Hindi.