Montreal Agreement Lost Baggage

The Montreal Agreement: What You Need to Know About Lost Baggage

Losing your luggage while traveling can be a nightmare. It can leave you feeling helpless, frustrated, and stressed. Fortunately, there are laws in place to protect you if you find yourself in this situation. One of these laws is the Montreal Agreement.

The Montreal Agreement is a treaty signed by over 100 countries that sets guidelines for airline liability for lost or damaged baggage. It was created in 1999, replacing the prior treaty known as the Warsaw Convention.

Under the Montreal Agreement, airlines are liable for up to 1,131 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per passenger for lost or damaged baggage. This amount equals around $1,600 USD, as of 2021. However, airlines can offer higher liability limits if they choose to do so.

To be eligible for compensation under the Montreal Agreement, you must report your lost baggage to the airline within 21 days of the date it was supposed to arrive. You must also provide documented evidence of the value of the lost items.

It’s important to note that the Montreal Agreement only applies to international travel. Domestic flights within a country are subject to that country’s own laws and regulations regarding lost baggage.

If your luggage is lost or damaged during your travels, here are the steps you should take to file a claim under the Montreal Agreement:

1. Report the lost luggage to the airline as soon as possible. Make sure to get a copy of the claim form and the reference number for your claim.

2. Keep all receipts and documentation for the items that were in your luggage. This will be necessary to prove the value of your lost items.

3. If your luggage is damaged, take photos of the damage before leaving the airport.

4. Follow up with the airline on a regular basis to check on the status of your claim.

5. If the airline denies your claim or offers less than what you believe you are entitled to, seek legal advice.

In conclusion, the Montreal Agreement provides valuable protections for travelers when it comes to lost and damaged luggage. However, it’s important to follow the guidelines and document your losses properly to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.